Cakes By Penguin

Welcome to my blog! I am a shiny new beginner confectionery designer... so bare with me! I'll be using this blog to share my works with the world and have a nice place to share my journey in the world of cakes and cookies. I've done some simple stuff in the past, but I'm seriously going to be getting into decorating now.

My goal is to be decent enough by next year to make my own wedding cake. I won't care if it's perfect because I'll know that I made it and I'll be proud.

For now I'll just be posting my practice and doing random ideas, maybe someday I'll ask for requests (if I run out of ideas lol) and one day I would like to start my own business.

Thanks for checking out my blog, and if you like, feel free to follow!

Love, Pengy

Other Pretty Cakes

My first decorating book came in the mail today! Its full of great ideas and info. I can’t wait to read it all and try some ^_^ 

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